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From amazing venues to entertainment solutions, we've got you covered.  Our team will manage your event from concept to the standing ovation...

Corporate Events

Our experienced printing advisors will guide you through the miriad of different processes and price options available without sacrificing print quality when building your brand in the market place.


Promotional Specialists come together to create an unstoppable force.

KI Promotions, a level 1 BEE certified Promotional Gift, Clothing and Branding Company, currently situated in Gauteng, South Africa, through a collaberation of industry specialists has combined nearly 50 years of experience in the Events, Printing, Gift & Clothing industries to create the ultimate service solution for any astute business person seeking to promote their brand in the South African market place.


What are the 3 most important questions
you should be asking when engaging
with a promotional company?


1. Can you offer me the best rates in the industry?

2. Can I benefit from your BEE Rating?

3. Can you deliver, no matter the size of my order?


Our answers are YES to all 3 questions... Why not give us a try?




Branded Clothing & Uniforms

Professional looking staff and company representatives are an essential part of your internal and external business image. Allow us to make you look good with quality, appropriate apparel.

Branded Gifts & Giveaways

Events Management Specialists
High quality Printing
Corporate Clothing Ranges
Corporate Gift Ideas

Printing & Displays

Happy Clients...
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Proudly South African Printing and branding Company - Weather Forcast

Research shows that a carefully selected corporate gift can provide decades of quality exposure for your company or brand. Allow us to asisst in getting the best milage out of your marketing budget.

Proudly South African Printing and branding Company - Weather Forecast

With many years of experience we have built up a vast knowledge of all branding solutions available which allows us to meet any of our customer’s needs and deadlines. 



Events Management Facility
Printing Solutions
Corporate Clothing Ranges
Corporate Gift Ideas
Signage, Banners and other display options
Digital Options
Graphic and other design options
Branding of Gifts and Clothing

As Branding Specialists we offer:

Screen Print
This branding process is ideal for bags and t-shirts but can also be used for umbrellas, cooler bags, and smaller items such as notebooks and folders.
Using positives and a light exposure unit, a “logo-exposed” screen is produced.
Using a squeegee, ink is pushed through the screen in the areas where the logo is exposed and onto the product that is being printed. Ink is bonded (cured) with the item by sending it through a heating tunnel or oven.

Screen printing allows for up to a 6 colour print and colours are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential.
Detail in the print can be excellent, however very fine detail and text less than 3mm high should be avoided as the details can “close up” during printing due to the ink bleeding or based on the texture of the product.


Item textures can impact on print quality and superior detail can be achieved on a smooth fabric as opposed to a coarse texture.


Pad Print
This high-volume branding process is favoured for small plastic products such as pens, key-rings, novelty items etc.

Using positives and a light exposure unit, a “logo-etched” plate is made. This plate is placed into the ink-well of the printing machine and a silicone pad transfers the ink from the plate onto the product. Ink is bonded (cured) with the item by sending the printed product through a heating tunnel or oven.
Pad printing allows for up to a 4 colour print and colours are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential.


Detail in the print can be excellent, however very fine detail and text less than 1mm high should be avoided as these details can “close up” during the printing process due to the ink bleeding.


Laser Engraving
During laser engraving a logo is burned into the product with a laser replicating the logo with precise accuracy. The laser burns off the top layer of the product revealing the layer beneath, therefore the colour of the engraving will be determined by the colour of the underlying layer.
Laser Engraving is a permanent method of branding and the tonal shades make it an upmarket, subtle choice.

There are 2 types of laser engraving machines:
1.   YAG laser
Used for engraving metal items like pens, keyrings, mugs, flasks, knives & torches.
2.   Co2 laser
Used for engraving organic & coated items like leather folders or wooden boxes


Vinyl Stickers
Stickers are digitally printed in CMYK on an adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to shape. Stickers are then applied onto the products. Vinyl is available in White, Gold, Silver (Matte and Shiny) and clear. Given that the logos are printed in CMYK we are unable to print white or metallic colours.

Domed Stickers
This branding process is ideal for multi-colour logos that are difficult to replicate in other print techniques, and is especially popular with cooler bags & keyrings. Vinyl Stickers (as explained above) are coated with a polyurethane resin to give a three-dimensional appearance. Domed Stickers can be applied to smooth and rigid surfaces but work best with a purpose-made recessed plaque.
Clear Vinyl cannot be domed.

Heat Transfer
This branding process is mainly used where the logo is too intricate for screen printing since a digital print allows for more colour and greater detail. A digital image is printed onto a special vinyl surface which is placed onto the product in the required position. The product is then placed in a heat press, and the heat from the press melts the adhesive backing on the vinyl merging it with the fabric. Heat transfer may affect the flexibility of the product because the logo is not cut out.
Only white vinyl can be used for this process and given that this is a CMYK process we are unable to print white or metallic colours.

This branding process works on man-made fabrics only, such as polyester and nylon and is perfect for polyester shirts, nylon bags and umbrellas. The logo is printed (in full colour) onto a special transfer paper using special sublimation inks and cut automatically to the correct shape. The logo is then placed onto the product and heat is applied. The heat causes the inks to transfer from the paper onto the product.
The logo can be as colourful and detailed as required because this is a digital print. Sublimation will not change the flexibility characteristics of the product in the same manner that a Heat Transfer might since only the ink is transferred onto the product.
Sublimation printers cannot print the colour white. We don't recommend sublimating coloured items and suggest limiting this process to white or natural-colour products.

Digital Transfer Printing
This branding process is perfect for branding ceramic mugs, metal items and certain rigid plastic items.
Digital Transfer Printing is a relatively new technology which makes it possible to print a full-colour, digital print on various substances where previously this wasn't possible.
A digital print is printed onto a special transfer paper and the product that is being branded is treated with a chemical before the logo is applied. The transfer paper is then placed onto the product, transferring the ink from the paper onto the product. At this stage the branded product is treated with a sealing chemical to ensure permanency of the logo.
The Digital Transfer Printer does not print the colour white so this process is best used on white and metal items.
On metal products, the colours in the logo take on a metallic tinge but the ability to create a permanent, full colour branding on metal items is unique to this process and therefore extremely attractive.

This branding process is both subtle and classy and looks great on folders, binders and select notebooks. A logo is pressed into the surface of a product using both heat and pressure to create a permanent stamped impression in the product.


Foil Hot Stamping
This branding process works best on leather and PU folders as well as select rigid cardboard notebooks. Hot stamping with foil is a similar process to debossing except that a thin foil is pressed into the product to create a colour. Even though heat and pressure are applied, they are applied in lesser volume than during debossing and therefore the impression is not as deep. Foils are available silver and gold.


This branding process is ideal for our clothing, caps and towels as well as selected bags, for a permanent and upmarket branding option. Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread.
Embroidery machines are driven by computers which read digitized embroidery files created by special software.
Embroidery allows for up to 9 colours to be branded. Pantone colours are used as a reference to match to Marathon Thread colours, however the range of thread colours is limited when compared to pantones and the closest (not always exact) match is used.

Very fine detail and text less than 5mm high should be avoided as it is difficult to achieve this in stitches.

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Brand your company

gallery/silkscreen printing automatic
gallery/pad printed plastic pens
gallery/co2 laser engraving on wood
gallery/domed decals & labels
gallery/vinyl sticker brand
gallery/heat transfer
gallery/direct to product print
gallery/heat press debossing
gallery/hot foil stamping
gallery/die sublimation

We offer a number of ranges of Corporate clothing.


Caps & Hats

TShirts & Vests

Lounge Shirts & Formal Wear

Jackets, Hoodies & Jerseys

​Safetywear, Chefswear, Workwear


Sportswear & Sports Equipment 

PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) 

gallery/clothing image feb 17

clothing your staff

gallery/design image feb 17


We offer an in-house Graphic solution to get you looking professional.


Corporate Identities

Corporate Stationery

Graphic Design / DTP

Logo Design

Layout & Setting

Forms Design


Specs Required:  

QUOTE me please.

Fill in what you can.  We'll call you for the rest.

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We offer an extensive range of large format printing solutions to ensure you are visible at every event or opportunity that presents itself.


Banner Walls


Estate Agent Boards

Expo Stands



Magnetic Signs

Pull Out Banners

Sharkfin Banners

Telescopic Banners

PVC Banners



Stretched Canvas Frames


gallery/display image feb 17
Additional Specs:  

QUOTE me please.

Fill in what you can.  We'll call you for the rest.

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We offer a full service eventing service.







Sound & Lighting

gallery/eventing image feb 17

effective EVENTS

We offer an extensive range of over 50 000 gift ideas across numerous ranges.



Conference goods








Writing Instruments


gallery/gifting image feb 17

Gifts & Giveaways

Product Required:  

QUOTE me please.

Fill in what you can.  We'll call you for the rest.

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We offer a wide range of digital services.


Digital Images

Domain Registration



E-Mail Signatures

Facebook Page Setup


Social Media Admin

Website Design

Website Hosting



gallery/multimedia image feb 17
Format / Device:  
Additional Specs:  

QUOTE me please.

Fill in what you can.  We'll call you for the rest.

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DIGITAL solutions

We offer an extensive range of printing and finishing services such as high speed copying, litho printing, digital printing and large format printing.


Annual Reports



Business Cards


Continuous Forms






Presentation Folders

Quote Folders



Finishing processes:

UV Varnishing
Different finishing
Perfect binding PUR

Embossing / Debossing

gallery/printing machine
Additional Specs:  

QUOTE me please.

Fill in what you can.  We'll call you for the rest.

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Independent Authors in South Africa often need basic marketing requirements to launch their latest books.  KI Promotions will assist.

Proudly South African Printing and branding Company - Weather Forcast
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gallery/large format branding of tablecloths for south africa 2
gallery/large format printing of pull out banners in south africa
gallery/printing of business cards in gauteng

Short to Long Book Runs

From R 1,500.00

Branded Table Cloths

From R 350.00

Portable  Banners

From R 1,150.00

Printed Business Cards

From R 250.00

The Indie Authors is a Skoobs initiative.​  SKOOBS


Current Specials on Promotional and Printing items

Metal Keyrings at a great price
Backpacks and Togbags for every occasion
Fantastic Mug options for branded corporate mugs
gallery/flash drive colours jul 17

Specialists in Events, Printing, Clothing and Gifts, KI Promotions is constantly evolving and growing. 


We offer a wide range of services, providing a turnkey solution for astute businesses seeking to build their brand and ultimately their market share.


Our mission is to be the most reliable & trustworthy promotional company with the highest level of integrity in South Africa.


To assist our existing and new clients to enhance their entire business image, making the desired impression with their market, customers, suppliers and staff.


If you want to contact us, please fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page.


We wish you a fantastic day!



gallery/redesigned book covers

Thank you to Madine and the KI Promotions Team for your great service.

Our order of specialised playing card decks for a marketing campaign we are currently running had us a little apprehensive in terms of who to trust with the project. Although KI promotions is a relatively ‘new’ service provider to Miele we still felt confident in your ability to produce.

The enhancements you suggested to the overall image of the boxes was a huge factor in our decision to place the order with you guys – Thank you again. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality and pricing we received from you and for delivering on time meeting our tight deadlines. We will most definitely be relying on your team again with future campaigns and general marketing materials we will need going forward.

Thank you also for your advice and suggestions on how best to keep our budget as low as possible.

We look forward to our next encounter with KI Promotions.


Marketing Coordinator – Miele SA
Ricardo Padayachee

Hey Madine and Michael


Just a quick thank you for your very professional service.


I am so pleased to have found you guys.


The book covers you produced were a thousand times better than

the ones I had.   You delivered the printed books on time and your

pricing is very good.


I also appreciate the ongoing support, invitations and fresh ideas.


Many thanks  

Steve Van Basten

Hi Marshall,

Please ignore my previous order, as I’ve attached a new order for my promotional goods 2017.  Marshall, I’d like to thank you for all your work on my quotes and for your efficient replies, you’ve been a pleasure to deal with.  


Please send me an invoice so that I can arrange to pay you your deposit.


Kind Regards


Melinda Barella

National Sales Director 

gallery/first freight logo jul 17
gallery/first freight trucks jul 17

Hi Madine and Michael.


Ki Promotions and obviously you and your team, have really been amazing in your customer care, and the supply    of printed T shirts, beautiful colour manuals and general printing.


Recently I received a call from a Northern Cape mining client, with serious diversity challenges, on a Monday morning. I placed the order for 60 printed and bound manuals, at 2pm - from Durban - that day. By 10am the manuals had been delivered to our Jhb office.


The very next day I was using your well-priced printed work to build unity - 1200 kms from home! Wow!   It would have been impossible without you!


This is one of the many times when Ki Promotions have come to our rescue! And helped to change the lives of our fellow country folk. You guys ROCK!


Brian Moore - Co-Founder. Celebrating Humanity International

gallery/chi logo
gallery/original miele logo
gallery/stephen van basten & vinesh maharaj the ying yang of sales

HI Michael and Madine,


Firstly, I hope you received our HUGE THANKS for the lovely journals - these are beautiful - one of the most exciting projects we have worked on !!!


As mentioned to you previously, Johan is in the final editing stages of his book.

Please could you quote on printing. Please could you also guide us on recommendations re options.


Have a great week!



gallery/great printing service gauteng aug 18

Owner & Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd, Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd and KI Promotions Pty Ltd.


As the Owner & Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd as well as Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd she is a Keynote Motivational Speaker and International Facilitator of the Celebrating Humanity Programmes Transformational Teambuilding, Diversity Training, Leadership Training and Team Conflict Resolution Strategies across South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, USA, London and Hong Kong.


Having recently gone to the States, she has acquired a Worldwide licence to facilitate Values Based Leadership programmes and will launch this amazing program to impact 20 000 people this year. As a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker, she is focussing on bringing International Motivational Speakers, John Maxwell’s philosophies and Values Based Leadership programmes to South Africa to change and create a massive Mindset change of Positivity, Hope, Respect and Values within every home, heart and thinking of every South African.


Developed Leadership4Learners – a pro-bono programme aimed at developing the incredible talents within our young leaders, enticing them to embrace their Greatness and Potential. Currently working to create a National Leadership for Youth programme with the intention of impacting thousands of young people and bringing hope to every one of them.


She is a single mother of two amazing sons – Lliam – 14 years old and Kailash – 8 years old. Is an avid blogger, writer, photographer, amateur chef, social networking, adventure sports fanatic, adrenaline junky, skydiver, bungee jumper, traveler and lover of life.

Arthie Moore
Madine Tyson

Madine’s corporate sales & marketing background is based in the Print & Promotional Industries. 


She started her first printing company in the late 1980's and has gained extensive experience in her field. 


In her personal time, she is passionate about her community and has been an active volunteer for community organizations such as being a mentor & leader in the Scouting organization which is the largest youth development programme in the world boasting of 30 million members.  She has also been involved with Mind Power through Robin Banks Associates for 7 years as a volunteer assisting the aspirations of people to a higher conscious level than what our general childhood was exposed to. Madine has recently joined as a volunteer in Ki Leadership assisting facilitating the John Maxwell Value based leadership programme to individuals.


Her mission statement is “ I  empower future leaders by imparting sound core values, demonstrating life skills, changing mind sets & stirring up the creative juices within for a platform of Entrepreneurship.“


Her only desire is clearly said by Betty Smith ( A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ) ……Dear God,’ she prayed, ‘let me be something every minute of every hour of my life.’”

Link to Madines LinkedIn Profile
Link to Arthies LinkedIn Profile

corporate social responsibility as one on sa's leading printing and promotional companies.

KI Promotions supports a number of community initiatives such as SA Scouts and Life Saving with our members actively involved as volunteers. That commitment is bolstered by Madine Tyson  who created SmartTeens in 2016 which​ addresses the needs of Teens in our community.

SmartTeens Vision

Welcome to SmartTeens

Smart Credo

SmartTeens Workshops

We are also committed to combatting child slavery.  #MyFreedomDay.



Please drop us a mail. 

We would love to hear how we can be of service to you...

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Office : 087 808 7641

Mobile : 082 497 5335 (Madine)

Mobile : 082 718 5342 (Michael)

Fax : 086 528 2020

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